How To Prepare For GATE

How to Prepare for GATE Examination

The GATE exam is designed to check the knowledge and understanding of students in various subjects of engineering and science. Some of the tips to prepare for GATE exam are as follows:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Start your planning and preparation from March or April month so that you will have one complete year for preparation. This will reduce overburden on you.
  • First of all, set your goal and target the desired exam from the beginning. Now, the first step in GATE preparation is to understand the GATE syllabus, pattern and level of difficulty. For this, go through the GATE syllabus and previous year’s question paper.
  • Make a list of books required for different subjects. There are many recommended books available for all subjects of the GATE exam. Generally, two or three books are enough for a particular subject where one book can be used in the start and other books can be referred if any doubts arise.
  • It is necessary to have a study plan for GATE preparation to maintain discipline and time management. Plan and freeze daily study hours. Daily scheduling and subject wise scheduling is very important for a systematic preparation. Keep yourself away from social media, mobile phone, Whatsapp and any activity which destruct your concentration.
  • Divide the whole syllabus in months and plan it so as to complete the entire syllabus in the available time keeping the time for revision and practice test paper also. Also divide the whole syllabus in modules e.g. thermal module which includes fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and its applications.
  • Never think for selective study. Try to cover full syllabus including theory as well as numerical portion and also go through all the subjects. If you do selective study then there may be a chance that more questions may from topics which you have left.
  • Prepare notes with the important information and formulae as these notes can be used for revision. This cuts down on the revision time as the notes contain important information from all subjects in a single place.
  • Highlight the points of high importance in book and mark those questions in which you face difficulty. During the time of revision, you have to focus specially on these points and questions.
  • Before going to sleep every day, make a plan of activities and topic of studies for next day. It will help you to reduce unproductive time and improve your performance. In the morning, try to revise topic of last day which will improve your retention capability.
  • Evaluate yourself for understanding of a topic after studying it. This will help you in knowing weak areas of your preparation. Then go through other books or study material for clarification of the same. Don't allow to accumulate the doubts which may result in mental stress.
  • Make a revision plan parallel to regular studies. Revise each topic at a suitable interval of time using short notes or flash cards otherwise there is a chance of forgetting it.
  • Once all subjects are completed of a module, the attempt question paper of module. This will give you better understanding how to attend many subjects at a time. Note down your weak areas and mistakes and try to eliminate them as maximum as possible.
  • There are 15 marks for aptitude and 15 marks for mathematics. It becomes 30% of the total marks for GATE. These two subjects are scoring subject and student can achieve maximum of 30 marks by putting little efforts to understand concepts of these subjects using some reference books and previous year GATE papers.
  • When full syllabus is completed, then go through the mock tests of GATE paper for which you can join any online test series which give you similar question and environment as GATE examination.
  • It is important to familiarize with virtual calculator before the GATE exam. This can result in an increase in calculation speed during GATE examination.
  • Everything including mock tests etc should be completed one week before GATE exam. Sleep for at least 8 hrs a day for this last week, be relaxed and maintain health. Revise notes and formulae only.
  • During GATE exam, keep patience and be cool. Read the questions and units carefully before solving and answer the question. Check all the questions before leaving the exam hall.